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The A to Z Application Guide

Week 1-3

1. Complete a Personal Profile

When you complete this we will send you information and deadlines specific to your program of interest.

Click here to complete a personal profile.


2. Complete Application

The Bond University online application is fairly easy to complete, however, should you need any assistance, we can open your application to view it and make any adjustments if required. Start your application here.


3. Provide Supporting Documents

You can see what supporting documents apply to you at our Application page.


4. Application Processing

Once we have your application and supporting documents, we will process it immediately and should have a response for you in about 2-4 weeks. All responses are sent to you by email. Nothing is sent by mail


Week 4

5. Receive Letter of Offer (if you are accepted)

If you are accepted, you will be sent a formal Letter of Offer. This will come to you by email. The Letter of Offer will provide complete instructions on how to accept the offer, information regarding housing, payment options and the university's refund policy. Please read all of this information carefully. Your Letter of Offer will include your unique Student Identification Number (SID).


6. Accept Offer and Pay Fees

To accept your offer, you need to complete and return the Response to Offer form (included in your Letter of Offer), together with all required payments. Payment options and methods (wire, credit card etc) will also be included and can be seen here.



7. Receive Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

Once we receive Response to Offer form and your fees (or deposit), we will admit you to your program and email you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) which contains a key-code you need to apply for a student visa.

Week 5

8.Travel Planning

No need to pay for any flights just yet but it's a good idea to start looking at flights and maybe hold a reservation with your travel agent or airline.


View flight routes, dates and airlines.


Check that you have a current passport that will last for the length of your stay in Australia. If you don't have a Passport, you should apply for one immediately.


USA Passport Information: Click Here

USA Expedited Passports: Click Here


Canadian Passport Information: Click Here


9. Health Insurance

All overseas students studying in Australia are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This is included in the fees you pay to Bond so there is nothing extra you are required to do here. This is compulsory, even if your health insurance at home covers you while overseas (which is very unlikely). You can view the insurance cost at our Fees & Expenses page.


Your policy covers you while you are in Australia only so any trips outside of Australia during your program will require you to purchase travel insurance (which typically includes medical coverage).


10. Apply for Student Visa

You must have your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from Bond to apply for your Student Visa. Your student visa application is done completely online and we will give you step by step instructions on how to do this.


The student visa costs AUD$620 and includes a work permit allowing you to work up to 20 hours per week (and your spouse/partner to work unlimited hours if you are enrolled in a graduate program).


Your Student Visa will be approved in 2-7 days and you will receive a confirmation of this by email. Nothing is stamped in your Passport. It's an electronic visa tied to your Passport number so when you arrive in Australia and your Passport is scanned, your student visa will appear on the screen and you will be granted a smooth entry to Australia.

Week 6

11. Confirm Travel Arrangements

You can choose to do this at any time before you receive your student Visa, however, some students prefer to wait for their Student Visa to be approved before paying for their flight to Australia.

8 Weeks Before Start

12. Housing Reservation

About 8 weeks before your start date, the housing reservation system becomes available online (for on-campus housing). We will email you in advance so you are ready to get in early with your reservation. We will outline the various housing options and will assist you find the best place for you and your budget (on or off campus). On-campus housing is allocated on a first come first serve basis. Some semesters may experience limited space (January and September semesters in particular).


4 Weeks Before Start

13. Enroll in Classes

We will email you when it's time to enroll in classes where you review your study plan (suggested classes to take) and choose your class schedule (days and times).

1 Week Before Start

14. Arrive in Australia

Arrive in Australia and be transported to campus or your off-campus apartment/house.


15. Orientation Week

An essential factor in preparing new students for university life is an orientation program called O-Week which is held during the week prior to the commencement of classes. The program consists of many formal and social activities designed to acquaint new students with their physical, academic and social environment and to welcome them to the University.

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